What does bird seed have to do with science class?

The answer is a lot, actually. Feeding birds is a hobby, but it is also an excellent opportunity for project-based learning. A group of teachers who want to bring real science into their classrooms spent a morning with Nature’s Window.

Together we explored the Nature’s Window distribution center and talked about what goes into making high-quality wild bird seed. The group examined different varieties of seed blends and gained an understanding of why a particular bird species might eat certain seeds.

Our goal was to spark questions that the teachers could bring into their classrooms, engaging students in creating authentic science projects, making their own discoveries about birds. We provided a took kit for each participant that included Nature’s Window birdseed, suet and feeders to help them get started.

Leaders from the Outdoor Discovery Center (Holland, MI) share our belief that feeding birds is a fundamental step in getting people outdoors and to connecting with nature. We look forward to many more events together.


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