Nature’s Window New Packaging Launch

Nature’s Window has a brand new look and refined formulas. We’re aiming high to bring you the very best, so you can fuel the flight of the wild bird you love.

Our bold new identity is designed to clearly show that making wild bird food is what Nature’s Window does best.

Our original packaging was nice, but we thought it could work harder to educate you about the quality bird feed inside. Every change we made is designed to make it easier to choose your wild bird food blend.

You will notice that we kept our favorite qualities like poly woven rip-stop bags and the easy open strip. And we made our viewing window even more crystal clear.

The biggest innovation we made to our Nature’s Window wild bird food packaging is the shape. We now have neatly formed flat edges, that allow for each side of the product to be clearly marked, no matter which way it lays on the store shelf. Similar to what you see in pet food.

Nature’s Window will grab your attention with our proprietary in-flight bird photography. The white background and matte finish enhance the visibility of the packaging. The quality features of the packaging reflect the quality of the bird food inside. We are so committed to quality, that we stamped our satisfaction guarantee right there on the front – and back – of the bag. We selected the clearest film available to us so that you can see exactly what is inside.

As mentioned before, our goal was to make it easy to choose a Nature’s Window wild bird food blends. Each side of the bag gives you an at-a-glance appeals to guide, listing the birds who will be attracted with each blend. Our benefit icons highlight that Nature’s Window is made in the USA and the unique features of each blend.

At Nature’s Window, we are excited to share our knowledge gained from generations of feeding birds. The back of the bag is full of interesting and helpful hints, like Find Your Feed icons, feeder suggestions and backyard birding tips.

The new Nature’s Window is designed to merchandise and will be fueling the flight of the birds you love this November.

At Nature’s Window, we’ve also upgraded our formulas. We eliminated wheat and fillers from our wild bird food blends. So our feathered friends will find more of their favorite seeds.

Learn about our formula upgrades in our next post.


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