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At Nature’s Window, we’ve changed our blends to keep the beautiful birds you love coming back to your yard again and again, all year round. See the difference in our packaging, and know that you are giving your flighted friends even more nourishment with the new Nature’s Window blends – now free of wheat and fillers.

Why Wheat Free?
As a premium wild bird food brand, Nature’s Window only provides the best nutritional choices for the birds in your backyard. The birds we commonly want to attract do not eat wheat as often as they choose fattier, higher protein ingredients. Chickadees, cardinals, finches, grosbeaks, sparrows, juncos, nuthatches, titmice and woodpeckers need energy rich seeds and nuts, such as sunflower, safflower, peanuts, or Nyjer®. By removing wheat and fillers, we attract more birds, waste less, and make more room for the best ingredients like sunflower, safflower and peanuts. Nature’s Window Four Season and Premium were upgraded by removing wheat and increasing the amount of sunflower.

Nature’s Window upgraded the quality of Cherry Blossom, Premium, Apple Orchard, No Waste, Premium Backyard and Nut & Fruity by removing oats and oat groats. While many birds eat oats, they are lower in protein and fat than seeds and nuts. When we took out the oats, we increased the amount of nutritious seeds and nuts. We made room for more sunflower in Premium, Premium Backyard, and Nut & Fruity.

Nature’s Window Cherry Blossom and Apple Orchard now include Safflower. Cardinal was also improved with more safflower. Safflower is a high-energy seed that is loved by backyard favorites like cardinals, chickadees, flickers, finches, nuthatches, titmice and woodpeckers. Another benefit of Safflower is that it deters squirrels and bully birds.

Nature’s Window’s mess-free blends are now even cleaner and without hulls. The red and white millet in No Waste was swapped for hulless millet. Nutrasaff has a thin hull, so it was excluded from the ingredient panel of Extreme No Waste. The protein content of Extreme No Waste is maintained with delicious chopped tree nuts that birds love.

Nut & Fruity is another no waste blend that Nature’s Window offers. Nut & Fruity’s nutritional content is improved with more sunflower and peanuts, and no grit or oat groats. These changes also made it easier for birds to eat.

Two of Nature’s Window’s Species-Specific blends have been upgraded to be even more palatable: Cardinal and Wild Finch. Cardinals love safflower. So we removed the cracked corn and increased safflower in Nature’s Window Cardinal. Wild Finch is now composed of over 50% Nyjer®, the first choice seed of finches. It is also less messy because we removed millet, canary and flax. We replaced those ingredients with hulled millet.

The new Nature’s Window Blends were designed by bird feeding experts and are based on findings from recent research from Cornell University. Nature’s Window is bringing you more of the best ingredients in our wild bird food.

Nature’s Window is also getting a new look. Our revolutionary packaging is designed to merchandise and make shopping easy with squared edges, birding tips, and species-specific bird feeding information. Watch our Nature’s Window New Packaging Launch video on YouTube to hear the full story.

Distribution of the new Nature’s Window will begin on November 1, 2017. Visit http://www.natureswindowbird.com to learn more about our products.

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