What Kind of Bird Feeder Do I Need?

When you begin to feed birds, you might wonder whether the type of bird feeder makes a difference to the birds. In fact, it does! Different birds have different feeding habits. Also, the number of feeders and amount of wild bird food available has an impact. The more feeders you have, the more birds will frequent your yard.

Many, many varieties of birds feed on the ground or on a flat surface. So if you want to provide nourishment for any bird and every bird, platform feeders near the ground and raised to about 5ft high would be a great place to start.

If you are hoping to attract a certain type of bird, you may want a bird feeder that is more specific to its feeding habits. For example, a finch/thistle sock will almost only be used by finches, because most other seed eating birds need to perch while they eat.

We’ve put together an infographic to help you learn which birds use what kind of bird feeder. The infographic also lists which Nature’s Window wild bird food blends are the best fit for each feeder.


Download a PDF of Nature’s Window What Kind of Bird Feeder Infographic¬†

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