How To Make A Birdbath

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Like all living creatures, birds need water everyday. Adding a birdbath to your garden will attract more birds than just providing birdseed. Also, watching birds bathe and drink from birdbaths is simply delightful!

Birdbaths come in many varieties. The best birdbaths are 1-3 inches deep and designed with birds in mind.  Small and large birds have different needs. A gradual slope is ideal for allowing various birds to wade into the water to a depth that is comfortable. The height of the birdbath can vary from ground height to 4 feet tall. Small birds are safer in a raised birdbath, where are out of direct reach and have a better view of predators that might be lurking on the ground.

The material of the birdbath should have some texture for tiny talons to grip. Putting sand in the bottom of the basin helps provide sure footing. Birds should be able to drink from the birdbath without getting wet, especially in cold weather. Placing stones or sticks in the bath is a nice solution for that.

Shown above, are two different homemade birdbaths. Both of these were made from repurposed items found around the house or purchased from a resale shop.

The bath on the left is made with small birds in mind. The stoneware bowl has some texture, actually much more texture than a glass bowl would have. The lip of the bowl is about a quarter of an inch thick, so tiny feet will rest comfortably. The pedestal in the center provides a perch close to the water as well as possible protection from predators, such as the neighborhood tom cat.

The birdbath on right will accommodate larger birds. The  painted flowers add a bit of texture to the surface, to help with the grip. The sloping edge of the bowl lets birds reach the water while staying dry. However, the basin is wide open to encourage splishing and splashing!

Remember to keep your birdbath clean and full!

Learn how to make these ornamental upcycled birdbaths in this 1 minute video:

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