What to feed in the fall | Bird feeding tips

The autumnal solstice is Sept. 22, 2018. You might want to consider choosing slightly different wild bird feeds to prepare for the change of season. The first question is ‘which birds will be here after summer?” In the fall, wild birds that are commonly visiting backyard feeders in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio are cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, goldfinches, titmice and chickadees.

All of Nature’s Window wild bird food blends are formulated for year-round feeding and will attract a variety of species. Some fall favorites are Nature’s Window Four Seasons, No Waste, Nut & Fruity, Supreme, and our Species-specifc blends: Cardinal, Wild Finch and Woodpecker.

If you prefer to mix your own wild bird food, be sure to serve Black Sunflower,
Safflower and Peanuts.

If less mess is your goal, choose Blanched Peanut Splits and Sunflower Hearts and Chips.

Satisfy the fun-to-watch goldfinches with Nyjer® and Sunflower Hearts and Chips.

Nature’s Window wild bird foods are available at independent retailers near you. Check out our dealer locator. If you don’t find what you are looking for at a store, ask them to carry all of your favorite Nature’s Window products.

In addition to bird food, Nature’s Window always recommends providing fresh water to create the best habitat for your feathered friends. Check your water vessel daily to make sure it is clean and full.

Our recent blog post How To Make a Birdbath gives two easy ways to make simple birdbaths that double as attractive yard ornaments.

There is still time before you need to worry about freezing water, but watch for timely tips from Nature’s Window for how to handle freezing temperatures and birdbaths.

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