Environmentally Friendly Packaging

 If you already buy Nature’s Window, you know that we triple-clean our birdseed and leave out unnecessary fillers. Our wild bird food blends only contain nutritious ingredients that are good for the birds you love.

The benefits of Nature’s Window reach beyond the nutrition and quality that we feed the birds. Nature’s Window’s bags are made in a food-safe facility that meets the standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative. Complete control processes are in place for labor, plant environment and component storage to be FOOD SAFE. Our bags are fumigated with food-safe product prior to shipping to insure no harmful insects are transported. Our ink systems contain no heavy metals.


Environmentally friendly by design, Nature’s Window bags are made of Polypropylene that is recyclable under #5. 


This material is ideal because it is lightweight and durable. The weight of Nature’s Window bags creates less volume, for improved impact on landfills, distribution and storage. The woven texture of our bags increases strength for reduced breakage, fewer returns and less plant repacking. Light weight packaging saves on fuel which is good for the environment as well as reducing costs.


Attractive styling and superior strength make Nature’s Window bags repurposable. We have seen customers make totes like this from a Nature’s Window bags. We think these fashionable and durable totes are a great way to reuse our quality packaging.

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