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How To Make A Birdbath

(Watch the how-to video at the bottom of this article.) Like all living creatures, birds need water everyday. Adding a birdbath to your garden will attract more birds than just providing birdseed. Also, watching birds bathe and drink from birdbaths is simply delightful! Birdbaths… Continue Reading “How To Make A Birdbath”

Top 5 Fattiest Wild Bird Food Blends

On cold days, birds burn a lot of energy just keeping warm. Feeders filled with nutritious wild bird food are needed during the winter more than ever. Look for the highest fat varieties of wild bird food to pack the most punch for your… Continue Reading “Top 5 Fattiest Wild Bird Food Blends”

What Kind of Bird Feeder Do I Need?

When you begin to feed birds, you might wonder whether the type of bird feeder makes a difference to the birds. In fact, it does! Different birds have different feeding habits. Also, the number of feeders and amount of wild bird food available has… Continue Reading “What Kind of Bird Feeder Do I Need?”

Time to Clean the Bird Feeder!

Time to clean the bird 🐦 #birdfeeder! Did you know that regular cleaning your bird feeders keeps #birds healthy? #birdfeedingtips #birdfeeding When your bird feeder looks like this, take a few minutes to hand wash it with hot water and dish soap. Let it dry… Continue Reading “Time to Clean the Bird Feeder!”


What does bird seed have to do with science class?

The answer is a lot, actually. Feeding birds is a hobby, but it is also an excellent opportunity for project-based learning.