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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The benefits of Nature’s Window reach beyond the nutrition and quality that we feed the birds. Our packaging is food safe, recyclable, repurposable, lightweight and durable.

What to feed in the fall | Bird feeding tips

The autumnal solstice is Sept. 22, 2018. You might want to consider choosing slightly different wild bird feeds to prepare for the change of season. The first question is ‘which birds will be here after summer?” In the fall, wild birds that are commonly… Continue Reading “What to feed in the fall | Bird feeding tips”

How To Make A Birdbath

(Watch the how-to video at the bottom of this article.) Like all living creatures, birds need water everyday. Adding a birdbath to your garden will attract more birds than just providing birdseed. Also, watching birds bathe and drink from birdbaths is simply delightful! Birdbaths… Continue Reading “How To Make A Birdbath”

Media Mention – Packaging of the World

Image of Four Seasons - Lifestyle

Nature’s Window has been featured on Packaging Of The World for the fantastic work that our creative firm partner, Ideas That Kick, did on the redesign of our wild bird food bags. This quote from the article captures the essence of what we do… Continue Reading “Media Mention – Packaging of the World”

Top 5 Fattiest Wild Bird Food Blends

On cold days, birds burn a lot of energy just keeping warm. Feeders filled with nutritious wild bird food are needed during the winter more than ever. Look for the highest fat varieties of wild bird food to pack the most punch for your… Continue Reading “Top 5 Fattiest Wild Bird Food Blends”

What Kind of Bird Feeder Do I Need?

When you begin to feed birds, you might wonder whether the type of bird feeder makes a difference to the birds. In fact, it does! Different birds have different feeding habits. Also, the number of feeders and amount of wild bird food available has… Continue Reading “What Kind of Bird Feeder Do I Need?”

Learn About Our Formula Upgrades

At Nature’s Window, we’ve changed our blends to keep the beautiful birds you love coming back to your yard again and again, all year round. See the difference in our packaging, and know that you are giving your flighted friends even more nourishment with… Continue Reading “Learn About Our Formula Upgrades”

Nature’s Window New Packaging Launch

Nature’s Window has a brand new look and refined formulas. We’re aiming high to bring you the very best, so you can fuel the flight of the wild bird you love. Our bold new identity is designed to clearly show that making wild bird… Continue Reading “Nature’s Window New Packaging Launch”

Get to know the New Nature’s Window

Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal

Nature’s Window Improvements Introducing a brand new look and select, refined wild bird seed formulas. We’re aiming high to bring you the very best, all for the wild birds you love. What’s new At Nature’s Window, we’ve changed our blends to keep the beautiful… Continue Reading “Get to know the New Nature’s Window”


What does bird seed have to do with science class?

The answer is a lot, actually. Feeding birds is a hobby, but it is also an excellent opportunity for project-based learning.