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Whether you are a novice “birder” or an old pro, Nature’s Window has just the right wild bird food mix to help you attract all types of wild birds, all year long. Whichever Nature’s Window formulation you choose, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality of seeds available.

Wild Bird Food Made for Birders By Birders

Nature’s Window is committed to producing quality seed and grain-based bird feeds, and has been for four generations. Our wild bird foods and blends are made using only the finest ingredients to nourish your passion for wild birds. Our family feeds birds too, that’s why we guarantee the quality of our wild bird foods and blends so you can feel confident about keeping the wild birds in your backyard healthy, happy – and coming back for more!

Providing a great selection of quality wild bird products is a Van Den Bosch family tradition — since 1932. Customer satisfaction is also a family tradition. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason, we will provide a full refund or replacement.

Find Your Wild Bird Food

We’ve taken care of making it easy to choose the perfect feed. Look for these icons on our bags to help you decide which blends or single ingredients to bring home.


Everyday Choice

Wild bird food enriched with the energy birds search for. Our essential option that’s perfect for new birders and long-time hobbyists alike.

Image of Nature's Window Four Seasons - Front View
Four Seasons
Image of Nature's Window Cherry Blossom - Front View
Cherry Blossom


Preferred Ingredients

Concentrated nutrition for exceptional feeding. Higher powered with extra nutritious wild bird food ingredients for healthy birds and the frequent fly-bys you love.


Preferred Ingredients

Wild bird food that offers maximum nourishment from superior ingredients. Our highest-concentration nut and seed blends, combining ingredients proven to entice, and to fuel birds best.

Image of Nature's Window Premium Backyard - Front View
Premium Backyard
Image of Nature's Window Extreme No Waste - Front View
Extreme No Waste
Image of Nature's Window Nut & Fruity - Front View
Nut & Fruity
Image of Nature's Window Supreme - Front View

Species Specific

Special Interest

Wild bird food formulated to bring the birds you want to your yard, anywhere you want them. Specially designed for three beautiful species, and the other wild critters that like to visit, too.

Image of Nature's Window Cardinal - Front View
Image of Nature's Window Wild Finch - Front View
Wild Finch
Image of Nature's Window Woodpecker - Front View
Woodpecker Mix
Image of Nature's Window Wild Kritter - Front View
Wild Kritter

Single Ingredient

Select Feeding

Individual wild bird food ingredients for feeding done your way. Choose from seeds, nuts and other special ingredients for creating your own blends, or for using separately.


FREE TOOL:Download our comparison chart to make the best decision for your backyard birds.

Image of Nature's Window Bird Seed Comparison Guide
Helpful chart – Nature’s Window bird seed comparison
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