Bird Feeding Tips

In addition to feeding Nature’s Window wild bird food, there are many things that you can do to attract a variety of wild birds in every season. Here are a few easy bird feeding tips to get started:

When, Where and Water


Keeping your feeder full year-round will bring birds to watch during every season. Clean your feeder regularly to prevent mold and to keep birds healthy.

Placing your feeder in the cover of trees or shrubs will provide shelter for feeding birds, keeping them safe from the elements and predators.

Birds need clean, fresh water for good health and grooming year-round.

Bird feeding tips for your garden

Landscape your yard with native plants that provide natural food sources, shelter and nesting sites. Provide bird feeders filled with nutritious wild bird food and they will reward you with their graceful presence.

Avoid using pesticides, herbicides or chemicals where your birds feed, bathe or nest.

Bird feeding tips for preparing the proper menu

Provide foods all year round that meet the nutritional needs of your local birds. Keep your bird feeders full at all times with nutritious wild bird food that appeals to the local birds you want to attract. Nature’s Window wild bird food blends are formulated without fillers, to help you attract more bird to your yard.

Also, to attract birds, provide fresh water. Water is necessary for their good health, grooming and overall well-being, especially in winter.

Bird feeding tips for location

For best results, provide several feeding stations for your wild birds. Use a variety of Nature’s Window wild bird food blends in multiple locations throughout your yard.  While some birds are not picky, feeding anywhere they find food, other birds prefer to feed high above ground level, and others feed right on the ground or close to it. Providing a choice of bird feeders and Nature Window wild bird foods will bring the most birds to your yard.

Bird feeding tips for clean feeders

Clean bird feeders and feeding areas at least once per month. Scrub your birdbaths and water vessels with a brush. Replace the water every three to five days. Feed birds only clean, dry food.

Bird feeding tips to keep cats away

Cats kill many, many birds each year. It is a big problem, but it is easy to fix: KEEP CATS INDOORS. Your cats will live longer, healthier lives and your yard will be safer for the birds. Place you feeders in places not readily accessible to cats. Put up barriers and fences to keep stray cats away.

Bird feeding tips to prevent window collisions

Birds often collide into windows. Windows that reflect the sky or outdoor vegetation, are large, and that look through the house are especially dangerous for birds.

How you can help:

  • Keep feeders at least three feet from windows,
  • Add decorations to problem windows
  • Cover problem windows with screens so the birds bounce off
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